Enterprise Mobility Services

Technology is now far more integrated than you think it is now. Everything can be connected and shared seamlessly. Now tell me, how many devices do you own? Probably 2-3; Mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The number of Smartphones in use across the globe will reach 2.6 billion by the end of 2019 according to many estimates. 


Enterprise Mobility ServicesBYOD also known as Bring Your Own Device is widely adopted by company along the years with benefits. Your company have not approved BYOD policy? Try telling a smoker to quit smoking now, like how some company do not allow other devices to be used. Now you are probably questioning yourself, CIOs. Whether if there is BYOD policy or not, employees are still using their own devices because it give them mobility and access anywhere to their cooperate files. Even without company network, files cloud be downloaded to computer and transferred to other portable devices.  If you haven't been encouraged to establish a program to allow employee-owned devices to access, at the very least, corporate email, calendar and contact systems, it's a virtual certainty you will be now.                                       

Definitely using external devices may post some risk to your company which your employee is already doing it, managing it will actually bring more benefits than harm. This pressure might leave you wondering the keys to developing BYOD policy


CHASSasia’s Mobility services helps organization by deployment of

  • Loss and theft protection
  • Spam flittering
  • Malicious website and application
  • Privacy advisor and security advisor
  • Malware protection
  • Mobile Device Compliance Policies


We are please to share with you what ware the ways you can protect your company from data leakage and malware if you are looking into BYOD and how can you achieve more.

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