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Managed sam


Like any other business asset, your software investments need to be managed effectively to ensure they deliver the right level of return on investment. You may be faced with complex license agreements, vast quantities and variety of software, increasing virtualization, while still being required to meet the day-to-day responsibilities of software delivery and management. Your IT resources may not have the right skills or tools they need to effectively manage your software assets and the burden of responsibility may be resulting in poor management and a drain on IT teams. 


Cost Effective Enterprise-Wide Management of your Assets

For under $1.50 per managed device per month, our Managed SAM-as-a-Service will provide you with a platform where your business will have:  

  • Better control of the IT footprint
  • Enhanced licensing compliance
  • Enhanced risk management and governance
  • Clearer understanding of needs, usage and effectiveness 


SAM-as-a-Service Modules: 

SAM Live Support


Service Support Levels


SAM Live Support




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