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support packages


Managed Support:

This is suitable for larger organizations that demand round-the-clock proactive monitoring and support for their 0365 across multiple countries and consists of: 

  • Elevated Support with faster response and updates on status on open cases compared to Microsoft’s O365 standard support .
  • Proactive alerts if any issues arise (for faster resolution)
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your O365 and ADFS service
  • Best for Organizations with Multiple locations accessing to O365.??? [not sure where this is for..]


Round-the-Clock Support:

We provide 24x7x 4 Tier 2 Incident Support for your Office 365, inclusive of ADFS on Auzre.


Elevated Microsoft Support:

CHASSasia’s O365 Insights Care Team is backed by Microsoft’s Signature Cloud Program which allows CHASSasia to bypass Microsoft’s tier 1 support and go directly to tier 2 support.

We simply receive faster response and updates on status of open cases as compared to Microsoft’s response to standard support requests initiated by customers that fall within Severity B parameters (ranging from no response commitment to NBD response. In This case Microsoft’s response to CHASSasia will be within 2 hours and ,4 hours for Severity C.


Round-the-clock system monitoring for performance and availability: 

  • Monitor your full Cloud infrastructure and get a better control on the overall availability of your O365.
  • Monitor the services availability of Exchange, processing regular synthetic transactions to Exchange Online
  • Identify infrastructure and network/Intranet issues that impact the service delivered to your end-users.

Package includes: 

  • 7 x 24 x 4 Tier 2 Incident Support
  • 10 x Incident Support backed by Microsoft Signature Cloud Program.
  • Round the clock system monitoring for performance and availability with GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Exchange Online
  • Provide real insight on the quality of service delivered to your end user and increase Business line acceptance.
  • Synchronization Monitoring that ensure smooth synchronization between Active Directory and Office 365 and be alerted if any issues arise for faster resolution.
  • Advanced synthetic transactions through powerful end-user scenarios which simulate critical end users daily tasks and check the availability of exchange service by frequently controlling the execution time threshold.


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