Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration

Have you came across an unusual file, sql code injection or mail that should have set the alert off and blocked, bypass your security software? If yes, it means you need a alternative solution to protect your enterprise. However not every one know that their IT infrastructure is actually insecure and vulnerable until they have been attacked by malware. Big companies have been spending money to put security in place, but just how strong is your IT security? This is where Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) can show you how protected is your IT environment. 


How Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test work?

VAPT are two types of vulnerability testing where it measures the effectiveness of security controls that have been designed into a variety of test targets including infrastructure, applications and other technologies such as wireless and VOIP communications.  

Vulnerability Assessments 

Vulnerability assessment taken in an environment can identify and quantify all security vulnerabilities in the process. It will show an detailed evaluation of your information security structure and report weaknesses along with an appropriate mitigation procedures to remove and strengthen your security of the environment, reducing the risk.    

it can also be designed to yield a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and are generally for clients who already understand they are not where they want to be in terms of security. The customer already knows they have issues and simply need help identifying and prioritizing them.

The more issues identified the better, so naturally a white box approach should be embraced when possible. The deliverable for the assessment is, most importantly, a prioritized list of discovered vulnerabilities.


Penetration Tests 

Simulating the action of the malicious insider or external cyber hacker, an malware will be inserted under a safe environment. We can the design the pen test to achieve a specific, attacker-simulated goal and should be requested by customers who are already at their desired security posture. A typical goal could be to access the contents of the prized customer database on the internal network, or to modify a record in an HR system.

The deliverable for a penetration test is a report of how security was breached in order to reach the agreed-upon goal. 

CHASSasia Solution


  1. Penetration test
  2. Reporting enhancement / hardening
  3. Black / White box, source code review
  4. Prevention and integrity for the organization
  5. Security Scanning and assessment
  6. Audit and Sever hardening
  7. Rewiewing Log and Recommendations 




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