Your Application Firewall Services Might Be Outdated!

Its Coming to be 2017 soon and as security technology advances so fast, malware and hackers are also smarter now! Chances are you are no longer safe from using your old internet security tool or software. If you are still using Comodo Internet Security or any other free Firewall, you are not protecting yourself enough. You might be the next victim of ransomware! Hackers are evolving their strategies to infiltrate into vulnerable network and applications to steal and lock your files. You need a Next Generation Firewall Services to set high level protections from the external threats. 

Your basic security should cover the range of possible infiltration points, emails, internet, network, malicious insider, application blocking, secure VPN access, site-to-site VPN .         


Our Next Generation solution

Next generation Feature:

  • Prevent and monitor unauthorized access
  • Misuse, modification
  • Denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources 

CHASSasia firewall services team:

  • Deployment of network security devices using Opex model
  • Intrusion prevention, web protection, ransomware anti virus, anti-malware, Anti-spam, application control and secure VPN
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Monitoring 

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