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At CHASSasia, we endeavour to be one family, embracing the core values, comprised of service excellence, passion, integrity, innovation and teamwork (SPIrIT).


We believe that it is critical to look for the right people who believe in the company and share the same values so that we can be aligned and move in the same direction to achieve our goals. We empower CHASSasians to lead and we recognize that good people are one of the main pillars of any successful organization. We also believe in an open concept, in that there is no hierarchy and management is approachable and willing to listen to other people’s perspectives to reach a common understanding.


Ultimately, when we have a collective vision, we will be able to meet our goal of innovating and simplifying technology so that customers can use the technology to propel their business ahead and have a positive overall experience.


If you are keen to have a career with us, we hope to hear from you. Fill out this form and we will reach out to you if you are shortlisted.


We are also keen to work with young talent as we believe the millennial generation would bring new insights and ideas to a company. This would be invaluable to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Internship programmes are also available.

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